Une Fille Confondue
I’ve decided every Friday, I’ll write something little about my life so far.

I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so it still counts as being Friday. I think it might help me grow. And it’ll also let my followers know more about me (if they care to) This will mostly be serious stuff, because talking about serious stuff is more challanging for me than just rambling about sillyness. I do that all the time anyway.

So here it goes! I guess I’ll start chronologically…

My mom got pregnant on purpose, but not because she was in love. She said she wanted a baby and the Dr. said it might take her a while to conceive. So as soon as she turned 18, she started trying. (I call bullshit because she was pregnant two more times after that on accident) Anyway at 21 she got pregnant with her current boyfriend. Apparently she was only with him because she wanted a baby. So no big surprise that he left when I was 8 months old. You can’t miss what you don’t remember anyway. My point is that this is one of the many reasons I’m pro-choice. I think my mom was incredibly selfish for having a child so young. She wanted a baby. She wanted someone to love her unconditionally and for the rest of her life. Well I do! And she’s a great mom now. But at 22 she wasn’t ready. She wasn’t grown up enough. She had a lot of “young person mistakes” left to make. But she decided to take me along for the ride. Don’t get me wrong, I’m at a point in my life where I’m actually happy to be alive (at least most of the time) But I went through things no child should have to go through because she was not emotionally ready to have a child. I think when a person brings another life into the world, they should be ready to handle the responsibility.